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Welcome to the Artisjus IMEI checker page
What is this site good for?

After registration, allows retailers to track private copying fees for mobile phones, and manufacturers and distributors can also send Artisjus a list of IMEI numbers to register.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI is a 15-digit number that identifies the mobile phone in the GSM network. At Artisjus IMEI numbers are used to identify and track mobile phone charges.

Why do I have to pay a private copy fee for mobile phones?

According to European directives, private copying of music, films, pictures, and literary works is permitted, but only if this freedom is offset by a "fair compensation". Hungary, like most European countries, arranges a flat-rate fee for blank video and audio media so that Artisjus, HUNGART, EJI, FILMJUS and MAHASZ deliver their music, films and other works to authors, performers and producers the prize.

How is the private copying fee allocated?

The division is carried out by five co-management organizations, each based on its own allocation policy, which is available on its website. Distribution policies are defined by membership of the rights management associations, ie by the rightholders themselves, based on their internal democratic functioning. The five rights managers and their authorized circle are as follows:

  • Artisjus Hungarian Copyright Protection Agency Association ( composers, writers, writers
  • Performing Arts Law Firm Association ( performers
  • Filmjus Filmmakers and Producers Copyright Protection Association ( filmmakers
  • Hungart Visual Artists Joint Rights Management Association ( artists, applied artists, photographers
  • Association of Hungarian Audio Record Publishers ( sound recording producers